Stroll down Luang Namtha’s main street near the Night Market and step into a postcard world of a laidback tourist hub: a cluster of clean and comfortable guesthouses, small restaurants serving local and international dishes, and tour operators in tidy, open-front shops with tour-menu slates out front. Those lists of activities have grown over, Read More

Select a trek in the Nam Ha NPA, and embark on an adventure in pristine wilderness you’ll never forget. You can pick a path that climbs to peaks overlooking waves of green mountains, or a trail that uses bamboo rafts to cross rivers. At night, stay in an ethnic village home or lodge, camp, Read More

Ease into a kayak and paddle down the province’s main artery, the Nam Tha River. You’ll stop at ethnic villages and tackle rapids, as the river winds through steep, tree-lined shores, while skirting the Nam Ha NPA. A handful of Luang Namtha tour operators offer one- and two-day kayaking tours, each unique in its, Read More

Climb onto a bicycle and pedal to a string of attractions on a one-day tour around Luang Namtha Town. A 30-km program presents the area’s highlights for independent cyclers, as do guided tours that add value with in-depth explanations of the sites and during village visits. Head northeast of town, and cross the Nam, Read More

Embark on a three-day outdoor odyssey that combines two or more sporting activities – trekking, kayaking, and cycling – and adds overnights at village homestays, community lodges, forest or river retreats, and jungle camps. When tourists started asking for combination tours, Luang Namtha tour operators quickly acted, piecing together parts of existing treks, kayaking, Read More

Luang Namtha Province has worn Laos’ adventure travel crown since the 1990s, with trekking to ethnic village homestays as its most valuable gem. Travelers quickly descended on Luang Namtha Town to hike in the Nam Ha National Protected Area (NPA), while those wanting to stretch the envelope soon headed to Sing District, which became, Read More

An early-2012 chat with members of Luang Namtha Districts’ Sustainable Tourism Network – a group of tour operators committed to responsible tourism – uncovered what tourists really want and what was new to meet their needs. Responses were similar across the board. More and more tourists are asking for “combination tours”, which mix two, Read More

Some people call the period from June through October, “Rainy Season”. However, tour operators refer to this time of year as “Adventure Season”, and turn their attention to rising rivers, greener trees, blooming flowers, and emerald carpets of growing rice. Daily showers gorge the Nam Tha River, pumping up its level by a meter, Read More

Lao food has become a tourist attraction, and learning how to cook it is the hottest new activity in Luang Namtha. You can sign up for a short course in Luang Namtha Town or learn how to turn plants you gather on the trail into meals and the implements to cook them. A local, Read More

Most tourists who have traveled to Laos’ outlying provinces know the guesthouse deal: clean, comfortable rooms, often with TVs. They are familiar with bungalows and eco-lodges on riverbanks, and their range of amenities and rates. Likewise, Luang Namtha’s accommodation scene encompasses all this, while adding alternatives to your overnight plans. Homestays are hard to, Read More